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What is an affiliate program?

It pays for sending your customers to our website, when a purchase is made.


  • Don’t require fees
  • Easy to set up
  • Zero risk

What should you look for in MagicWorksHost affiliate program??

Affiliate programs center on products that are high in demand I.e domains, hosting and related products. In case you have any doubts look for a program which pays out well.

Being an MWH affiliate is amazing for both your customers/visitors and you. It’s a Double Deal – where you get cash for qualified purchases your customers/visitors make through the affiliate links!!

  • Join and setup your affiliate account
  • Place your ad

Choose from the banner or text links to place anywhere on your website. You don’t need to be a tech-whiz. Just copy and paste the code/link/ad provided by us onto your website, web page or blog/email and you are good to go!!!

It’s easy!! Follow the steps to place ads

  • Select link
  • Copy- paste the code on your website, blog or email

Earning your Commission:

When visitors click through from your ads of MWH, you become a referral. If they make a successful purchase, BINGO!!! the commission is automatically credited to you!!

How to Become an Affiliate for MagicWorksHost?