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For shared hosting referral you can earn up to Rs.3825/- yearly recurring commission, yes you will also get commission for every renewal of your referral as well. If you join forces with us, we’ll both benefit.*

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    Why MagicworksHost

    We are uniquely positioned to offer one of the best web hosting affiliate program with the highest conversion rates!

    High Paid Recurring Commission

    Among all hosting companies, we’re one of the best having affiliate commissions in the industry

    Make Money at Your Own Speed

    Our customized recurring affiliate commission structure will keep you on the top-earning tier.

    Low Attrition Rates among Customers

    Increase your passive income by using Magicworks Host so that your referral hosting experience will always be the best.

    Dedicated Affiliate Support

    Faster and Personalized Services for each of your referral clients.

    Estimate your Earnings

    The more customers you refer, the higher you would earn

    You Referred Orders of Shared Hosting Plan in a month

    Your Commission will be:


    You get 20%
    recurring commissions

    • Revenue sharing income can be built through true profit sharing, which rewards you with recurring commissions for the life of the customers you helped refer.
    • Less than 7 percent of MagicworksHost’s customers ever switch providers. So recurring commissions hold real value.
    • We understand users might not convert right away, that’s why we provide 90-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale.
    • Before making a withdrawal affiliates have to reach minimum amount of ₹ 2000

    Your Passive Income in 1 year

    For Instance, Every month you are referring 5 referrals and each order is of Rs. 5,000/- so for 1 year 60 new referral orders. So it is a business of Rs. 3,00,000/-. And 20% of Rs. 3,00,000/- will your commission which is Rs. 60,000/-

    Now if you are getting same order flow for next 4 years then your earnings in

    • 2nd Year Rs 1,20,000/-
    • 3rd Year Rs 1,80,000/-
    • 4th Year Rs 2,40,000/-
    • 5th Year Rs 3,00,000/-

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      *Read our affiliate policy as well.

      * Projection Forecast. The mission calculation, amount given above for commission are considering the particular conditions for the number of orders amount of each order so it should not be considered as it is.