Do not take malware lightly, it can ruin your business!

Do not take malware lightly, it can ruin your business!

Malware is an abbreviation for ‘malicious software’. It is a software program or a script which is created with the intention of intruding and creating damage to computer systems. There are many types of malware namely bots, adware, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, virus, ransom ware and so on.

In recent years, we have seen many ransomware attacks which created havoc in the world. They infected many large systems.

Recent Malware Attacks

Let us see few examples of such popular ransomware.



This emerged very recently in year 2020. It promises to offer more information about the disease and infects using malicious files. CovidLock then encrypts the data from Android device and asks for per device ransom to grant access.
LockerGogaLockerGoga came in news in 2019 for infecting large corporations in the world.  It infected the victims using phishing emails scams and stealing the credentials. It caused damages worth millions of dollars.


WannaCryThis was one of the worst malware attacks using email phishing in 2017. It affected around 200 thousand people’s computers working in hospitals, universities and corporates. The estimated losses due to WannaCry exceed whopping USD 4 billion dollars.


PetyaPetya ransomware came in 2016. It used to block the entire operating system.


Impact of malware

malware Malware programs attach themselves to components of web pages, free stuff you download from internet, games, emails etc. These programs are dangerous as they can steal, remove or encrypt data, hijack the computer operations, and monitor activities on your computer without your knowledge. And all this can lead to more complex problems to your website and business.

Blacklisting of your website means lost revenue

Google or any search engine do not want to take their visitors to insecure websites. One Google identified that your website is being infected by malware, it will display a warning and advice the visitor not to visit it. Obviously, many new visitors or even old customers will shy away from your website. This will impact your revenue.

Impacting your brand and reputation

Customers are aware that the malware can steal data and use it for wrong purposes. You will lose trust of customers if your website gets infected by malware.

How to protect yourself from malware with Magicworkshost

Prevention is better than cure. When you select the web hosting provider, please make sure that it provides you required facilities for web security. To guard against malware attacks good webhosting providers like Magicworkshost provide following facilities:

1. SSL and other advanced security measures
2. Latest up-to-date software versions
3. Regular back up

Do not take the malware lightly, it can create serious impact on your brand, customers and business.

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