What does a good Domain name and good Hosting mean?

Domain Name And Web Hosting
How do people come to your office? Because they know the address of your office. How do the people who know your company but don’t know the address come? By inquiring for your office. But do people who don’t know about your company or your address can come to you? I think the answer is no.

I mean how can a person come to your office if they don’t have any idea that you exist?

Till a few years ago, people used to put banners on road and ads on the Newspapers or Televisions for brand awareness. But why should people watch it if they don’t want to watch or read anything about you or anything about you provide?

This is why Digital Marketing has evolved. Because it doesn’t bother the audience who don’t want anything from you. It only shows you in the result, if they search for anything you provide or anything related to it.

But, all your competitors have already built their presence online. If you want to win the audience, you will have to stay at the top of your competitors. There are endless opportunities and pitfalls to achieve that. But, in this post let us discuss the very first and most important steps that will let you rule the internet – Domain Name and Hosting.

We have already written about what Domain Name and Hosting are. So, let us discuss what does a good Domain Name and a good Hosting exactly mean.

A Good Domain Name

Domain name is the first thing search engines catches. And also the first thing users see. This makes it the most important thing for both search engines and audience.

For the better engagement of the audience, it should be catchy as well as relevant to your products and services. For the search engines too, a good domain is one which has relevance to the content on the web page.

Furthermore, good domain names are short, because it is easy for the users to put short domains in the browsers, and search engines consider this factor too.

They are catchy and easy to remember. As many internet users don’t use bookmarks, they may forget to visit your site again, if your domain name is too difficult to remember. Also, they are easy to spell, using common words, and not changing their spellings is a good practice for a domain name. Having a common word and changing its spelling, to stand unique may get backlashes by users and search engines.

There are many popular domain extensions like .com, .org, .co.in available for domain names. For the NGOs, it is mandatory to use .org extension. But if you have a personal or corporate website and have an audience from India, then having a .co.in extension can be beneficial. Like .co.in is for India, there are different extensions available for different countries, it helps to create websites for an audience of specific regions. But, the .com extension is beneficial for everyone.

A Good Hosting

Hosting is space where all your data is stored. And, it is as important as a good domain name for the users as well as the search engines. It does not determine what your website looks like because web designing does that. But, Web Hosting is a place from which users get access to the data of your website. So, the user experience is determined by Web Hosting.

A good Web Hosting enhances the load speed of your website. That means whenever a person clicks on a link that is connected to your website, he won’t be disappointed by the speed of your website. Studies also say that 51% of the mobile users abandon the page if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. So, if you don’t want your audience to leave your website before it even loads, better you choose a good hosting.

A good hosting also guarantees maximum uptime is the time for which your website is available to the users. Now, this may sound drastic, but a bad hosting will give 404 error to the visitor very often.

All these things affect the Search Engine results, so no matter how good your Domain Name is and how great your content is if your Host is weak your SEO will remain weak.

I know the significance of a Web Hosting is more than you expected, but don’t worry, a good Web Hosting service will take care of the concerns by their end.

A good Domain Name and a good Web Hosting are the services provided by good Companies. So, make sure that your solution provider is serious about the solutions he provides.

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