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What’s in a Name, they asked. The whole Business, we replied.

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.com ₹.749 * .net ₹.1015 * .org ₹.965 * .in ₹.599 * ₹.469

Domain Name Registration

The domain is your identity on the internet. It acts like an address, by which anyone can reach to you anytime from anywhere.

If you want your audience to easily find you, you will need to give them the address to find you. To make their jobs easily, you need a unique and attractive domain.

Why you should buy the domain name right now?

If you want to buy a domain name for your business, you must be already knowing that you have a lot of competition, tomorrow you may not get the most beneficial domain name for your business. If you have a new idea in your mind, you should register it before it hits any other person’s mind. Because great ideas don’t come too often. Be sure to buy your perfect domain before anyone else gets it.

Domain Name Registration Plans

.com1Rs 749.00Rs 749.00Rs 749.00
.net1Rs 1015.00Rs 1015.00Rs 1015.00
.in1Rs 599.00Rs 599.00Rs 599.00
.co.in1Rs 469.00Rs 469.00Rs 469.00
.firm.in1Rs 469.00Rs 469.00Rs 469.00
.org1Rs 965.00Rs 965.00Rs 965.00
.biz1Rs 980.00Rs 980.00Rs 980.00
.org.in1Rs 469.00Rs 469.00Rs 469.00
.info1Rs 1050.00Rs 1050.00Rs 1050.00
.net.in1Rs 469.00Rs 469.00Rs 469.00
.ind.in1Rs 469.00Rs 469.00Rs 469.00

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