Need faster website, slow website kills conversions!

Need faster website, slow website kills conversions!

The idea of taking your business online is for increasing the customer reach. You want to reach out to potential customers across the world who may be interested in what you provide. In the era of 4G and 5G, customers are looking for faster website. If you ignoring this, you may be in trouble!

Today, before buying any product customers do research online and when they come to your website. In marketing parlance this is called as ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth. Here the customer is getting first experience/view of your product (though virtual). You do not need a marketing expert to tell you how this experience impacts brand recall, conversion and revenue.

Some studies were conducted for looking at the conversion rates for eCommerce and non-eCommerce type of websites. With eCommerce the conversion goal was about purchase and with non-eCommerce it was a behavior related goal. Let us see what one of the study found out.

Pages that loaded in under one second converted at a rate around 2.5 times higher than pages that loaded slower than five seconds or more. –

First impression is crucial

Imagine that you are visiting a website, say of a particular brand, to look for something you want. Now the page which you are searching is taking more time to load, what would you do? Wait patiently till the page loads? Or you would just ignore, press back button and go to some other website. Obviously, you would not wait.

This may happen even with an established brand. So, if you are trying to establish your new brand, this kind of situation occurring with your customers would prove to be very costly, isn’t it? If your website is slow, you would lose a golden chance to make that mark with first impression.

It is very important for you to make sure that web pages load faster. User visiting your website quickly gets what he is looking for and get hooked to the value proposition. This increases the chances of getting him converted into a buyer. On the contrary, there would be higher bounce rate. This would stop many potential customers reaching your compelling value proposition leading to less conversions.

Just not This, Slow website negatively impacts digital marketing

Google considers web page speed as one of the key parameters while ranking the pages on its search results. Hence, it is imperative for any entrepreneur like you to make sure that his/her business website loads faster.
Website speed affects even paid marketing like Google ads. When user clicks on your ad, he/she is taken to the landing page. If your landing page is slow, either you pay higher money to get your ad displayed or your ad may not display at all. In effect, either way you lose.

Make website faster with good web hosting

One of the very crucial factor in deciding web page loading time or speed is your web hosting provider. You should choose a good hosting provider which can give you best of the features to speed up your website. Then enjoy the conversions and increased revenue.

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