It is the amount of data that can be transferred at one time.

Bandwidth in computer networking refers to the data rate supported by a network connection or interface. Many Companies are providing exciting offers on bandwidth like they are offering 5GB, 100GB and up to unlimited bandwidth. But what is exactly this bandwidth means and how it relates to web hosting.

So, In web hosting bandwidth shows amount of data transferred from website to computers connected to it within that specific time Web hosting companies says this time in month like 5Gb bandwidth for every month. To measure performance of your website Bandwidth is also one of the main concern. So select Hosting plan as your website need.

If you Login to cPanel of your web hosting account, you will find Bandwidth and its usage under Metrics Section.

You will find Bandwidth usage from the start date of Web Hosting on current server.

Data transfer:

It is the actual amount of data transferred.

For e.g:

Consider bandwidth is a tunnel, if it is bigger, then more vehicles can pass through it. Data transfer would be the number of vehicles allowed to go through that bigger tunnel in a given time period, in this case say a month. Web Hosting Companies provide Bandwidth on Monthly Basis.

Most of the time Bandwidth Cycle reset to Zero after 30 days, depending upon the Server Location.