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If your Website is your virtual office, Domain Name is your address and Hosting is the space your office is built on. All your website data is stored in the Hosting and that data is transferred to your visitors. Web Hosting does not determine how good your website looks, web development/designing does that. But, Web Hosting determines how well your website performs. The loading speed of your website, smooth functioning, uptime and the security of your website all are the functions of Web Hosting.

Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting - India Server

Nobody likes to wait, having server near the audience helps to decrease the load time of the website. Shared Web Hosting – India Server is favorable for the websites which have majority of audience from India. This Hosting is very simple in maintaining, so it most profitable for the people who are creating website for the first time. Choose this solution if you are losing visitors because of load time or if your existing server is not performing like a pro.

When you should choose this:
-You have major share of visitors from India
-You need your website to load faster

Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting - USA server

Host your websites with the best in Industry & leave burden of hosting to the most reliable & best support team in the Hosting Industry. Shared Web Hosting – USA Server is fruitful for the websites which have major share of visitors from the western world. Professionals from all over the world go for this Hosting because of the superior support they provide in the most affordable cost.

When you should choose this:
-You want superior support and reliability
-You want it in an affordable price

Web Hosting

Semi-Dedicated Server

Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting is hand crafted solution by the top-notch professionals to fulfill the needs of growing businesses. This solution is composed with the benefits of both Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Hosting. VPS is an affordable hosting solution which limits your resources and Dedicated Hosting gives you all the resources but is a expensive solution. Our Semi-Dedicated Hosting is an affordable solution which gives you the resources of Dedicated Hosting.

When you should choose this:
-Your hosting needs are increasing
-You want a easily managed system in affordable price

Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting, as name suggests is a server dedicated to the websites which have the maximum requirements. When a website starts getting millions of views per month, it becomes almost impossible for other types of hosting to bear the load. Dedicated Hosting is capable to handle any extent of load. Furthermore, you get total control over the server. Enhanced performance and security, higher flexibility, unique IP address are other perks of Dedicated Hosting.

When you should choose this:
-Your hosting needs are exceptionally high.
-You want to take control of everything.

Web Hosting Special Features

Easy to Manage

It is very easy to manage your account through cPanel.

150+ Scripts

You can install 150+ Softaculous scripts

Backup Available

Assure your website data is safe with weekly and daily backups.

Fast Loading

Quickly loads your website for your visitors

24/7 Customer Support

Call us, chat with us or open a ticket to our support team.

Secure Your Website

Enable inbuilt virus scanner at single click.


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