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  • One-click script installs
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Why To Buy Web Hosting Services from us

Easy To Manage

It is very easy to manage your account through cPanel.

Buy hosting with Email Accounts

Easy to Create Email Accounts with strong password generator.

Buy hosting with cPanel

Get total control of your hosting with access to cPanel.

Buy hosting with 150+ Scripts

You can install 150+ Softaculous scripts.

Buy hosting with Quick Loading

Quickly loads your website for your visitors.

Buy hosting with Databases

Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access.

We help your website go live in 3 simple steps

At MagicWorks Host we offer services that would get your business online in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient manner. Our package covers everything from creating domain names, customizing hosting plans and setting up your website backend until it is ready to go live!

Step 1: Web Hosting Plan Selection

Choose a hosting plan that suits your business best. Our hosting experts help guide you through the process. To know more, get in touch at +91 9764 74 6633

Step 2: Choose Your Domain Name

Finalize a simple yet catchy domain name for your business of your choice.

Step 3: Upload Your Website Content

Either directly upload your files to the website or use a simple CMS like WordPress backend to build it yourself. Once done, all you have to do is make one minor modification in the domain name, and your website is online!

Checklist for selecting a Best hosting company

Building a website means an investment of certain resources including time and money. However, as a business owner, you already have other things to look into without worrying about the backend system of getting your website in place. That is why we recommend getting an expert on the job. Considering that relationship is going to be a long-term one, we work very hard to ensure that you are well informed about the details of website hosting and have curated a list of 9 factors to consider while selecting a website hosting company to get you through:

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Just like in any other sector, look out for feedback from existing customers in the form of online reviews and recommendations. A company will always say nice things about themselves, but it is when their clients vouch for the services that you can get a real picture far more clearly.

Essential Features

As technology progresses, quality of content on the web also improves. This requires better hard disk space, bandwidth limit and a list of permitted domain names. An e-commerce website requires enough space along with back up for future growth. For better clarity it is best to refer to a company’s profile for more terms and conditions.


Nobody likes to wake up in the morning (or middle of the night) to find that their website is not functioning like it should. A good hosting company would have a team of experienced and friendly experts to ease backend maintenance for your website with round the clock technical support. Look out for services like support for email systems, phone support, live chat and more.


While selecting a company it becomes vital to understand various costing plans that determine the functionality of the website in the virtual space. Price of hosting a website vary on the amount of traffic to be generated, security requirements and advertisements on the website. A good hosting company should provide a complete package that includes all the 3 steps to make the website online along with technical support and future assistance for the long run.


While considering a hosting company, it is necessary to understand the importance of security for your website. This factor should not be ignored as most of your data is floating on the web. You must feel content that your website is in safe hands. The factor of security umbrellas various other factors like data security, servers working on new software versions and provision of SSL certificates. From an end users’ perspective, instant loading of the website garners better attention and gratification.


Every hosting company works at different levels. While some have huge sets ups with multiple servers and an extensive team, there may be others which are seemingly small yet provide efficient services. This can be confusing while selecting a firm. In that case, you can identify a good hosting company by seeing if they are well-equipped in terms of technology and use the best in class hosting servers to meet your requirement because the hosting provider improves overall functioning of the website which in turn decides how user friendly a place it is to be in.

Email Systems

No matter how far we progress ahead, E-Mail has been one of the strongest mediums of communication in the professional field today. A good hosting company would have the provision of E-Mail banks which help in storing large amounts of data with utmost security. In addition, hosting providers should excel at automated response to email addresses and solutions to stop spamming.

Flexibility to Scale Up/Down

A lot of factors such as content, user interface, design, functionality and more come in play while deciding how well a website is working. In cases where it is doing exceptionally well, a lot more traffic is expected to be driven to the website. In that case, you would be required to upgrade your hosting plan without any down-time. In most cases you would be shifting from a shared hosting platform to a dedicated server. Ensure that when you choose a hosting company, they have the facility to do this as and when required.

Value Added Services

Every website has been made for a particular reason. Sometimes companies have several domains taken care of remotely. In that case, you should look for a hosting company that can provide services relevant to and customized for your particular needs like providing add-on domains for example. Apart from that, there are other operational services to look for such as a trial period, or guarantee on investment, however, these are not non-negotiable points on the checklist. There may be several good, or even great companies, who can offer you everything else, so choose what works best for you.

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Control Panel
Manage Multiple Websites

We assure high-quality web hosting services at economical rates

At MagicWorks Host we value your trust and resources. Our premium web-hosting features and 24-hour service system help in achieving desired results with ultimate quality. Considering hosting to be the final step in the completion of getting your website up and running, it is safe to say, it is also a start to a new beginning.

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