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Four types of Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo) SSL certificates:

To Secure Your Domain, install SSL Certificate

A standard 128-Bit and 256-Bit SSL certificate

Wild-card Certificates for our clients that wish to have all sub-domains covered

Business-Validated (BV) Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

Reasons why SSL security is important for your website?

Buy into service, not advertising. Get cheap SSL.

Among your competitors, You could be the first choice for business.

For an online presence, security is the key. Users need to feel safe about their data and in future make online payments. This is why having a good service or product is not enough. If your website does not have SSL Certificate, chances are visitors might refrain from visiting your site again.

The right path in business, Builds great trust.

A padlock at your web link is enough to create the first impression in your visitor’s mind. You can opt for a SSL certificate at the bare minimum price and stay secured.

Protection is Key

Be aware of cheap SSL certificate that could be responsible for your loss. To avoid any sort of lagging we provide authentic SSL certificate to avoid any data leakage, theft and forgery.

Payday, Everyday

Making the right choice, while buying the certificate is what matters. HTTPS is responsible to boost your SEO ranking which generates more traffic. If your customers feel safe visiting your websites with secured payment options, they will revisit for future purchases. This helps in generating revenue at a continuous pace

Boost SEO Rankings

Security plays an important role in website ranking. You as a business must have invested loads of time money and effort to increase traffic, but the hard truth is nothing works until your website is not secured with an SSL certificate.

Building Smart Brands

There are multiple ways to create a brand image. To create an impact-full brand image, you need to work on trust and security. For an online presence through a website, you can build security and trust by opting for an SSL certificate.

This is what appears to your visitors if you do not have an SSL certificate

Connection is not encrypted
Browsers like Chrome mark all HTTP pages as not secure

Connection between server and browser is secured
Builds trust among website visitors

For a website to make a good impression, high-quality security plays a significant role in an online presence

The advancement of technology comes with a price and i.e with an online presence there are high chances of data being leaked or copied. To avoid any such crises, we encourage our clients to buy an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate makes your website secured, builds trust in visitor’s mind, and helps to achieve a higher SEO ranking. SSL integration is responsible to protect and manage every single business transaction. Once you acquire an SSL certificate, it comes with a bunch of benefits that serve the purpose of an active website.

How It Works

Introduction with SSL

Once your customer visits your SSL protected site, the SSL Certificate creates an encrypted connection with their browser.

Padlock in Address Bar

A padlock icon appears through which your customers will be notified on their web browser about the connection being secured.

You have a secured website

With Comodo/Sectigo certificates the information passed to and from your website is provided up to 128/256-bit encryption.

Why To Choose Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo) SSL Certificate?

Trusted Security

Delivers trust with your website security.

Data Protection

We protect your data while you are busy protecting your business.

Identity verification

It provide authentication to your website.

Better Rank on Search Engine

Search Engine algorithm gives upper hand to HTTPS-enabled websites

PCI/DSS Requirements

Online payment is better with PCI/DSS compliant.

Get your SSL certificate in 3 easy steps

Purchase an SSL certificate. Get it activated. Follow Installation instructions. Manage your certificate With Magic Works Host Account Panel.

Purchase it

As per your needs choose the right SSL certificate from the above-given options.

Activate It

Once the purchase is made, we need your Hosting cPanel to Generate CSR code assignment to Activate it.

Install It

Don’t Worry, Once validated and issued we will install it on your behalf.

Magic Host Benefits

Fast Response Time
24X7 Magic Support

Powerful Server
Get a powerful server and additional resources

Optimal Network Uptime
Magic With 99.9% Uptime

Plenty Of Web Hosting Options
Upgrade / Downgrade at Anytime

Free Server Migration
Free & Smooth Migration

Control Panel
Manage Multiple Websites

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