How to choose Best SEO web hosting

How to choose Best SEO web hosting

The very purpose of purchasing the web hosting space is to set up website for your business. Website would create an impacting web presence for your business. Website is created not for just displaying the information about your products and services in an electronic format. Websites are the key channels which can be used to reach out to your potential customers on internet. If you can attract them to your website, you can surely grow your business. The key to achieve this called SEO or search engine optimization. You need to choose best SEO web hosting. Let us see how.


Topping Google Search Page Listing

Things that affect SEO web hosting

Search engines strive to deliver the best relevant content possible for a search query. Though there is no role of web hosting in content optimization, in certain aspects the hosting provider can impact your SEO effort.

Page Loading Time/Speed

Your website page which user wants to see should be loaded very fast. Say under 3 seconds. Otherwise, the user may get annoyed and switch to other website. You can make a sale, only if the visitor stays for more time on your website. For this, it is very important to have the webpages designed in such a way that they are light-weight. Beyond this, you should have a strong server which can render the pages very fast.
In Google page ranking algorithm, page loading time is considered to be one of the key parameters. So, if you want your website to appear on the top in the Google search engine listing, then choose a fast server. This will make your website will become not only SEO friendly but it will boost up any marketing activities you do using the website.

Server Location

You are creating a website to serve a community of customers residing in particular geography/country. Logically speaking, for a faster delivery, your website should be hosted on the server which is closer to your customers. That means, to serve Indian customers, hosting should be done on Indian servers and so on. This would improve page loading time, increasing the potential of better search engine results.
Hosting the website in a country which is thousands of miles away may look fishy to search engines. It may affect the SEO ranking.
If you have customers located across the world in different regions, you may think of using Content Delivery Network (CDN) to boost the performance.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime guarantee of you web hosting is also one of the crucial parameter. Your website contents is very good and optimized for search engine. When user goes to your website by clicking a link from search engine results page, he/she will be disappointed if the page is not accessible because your site is down.
We are aware that there would be always some downtime. However, for better SEO and user experience the downtime should be as less as possible. Choose the host which gives you uptime guarantee above 99.5%.


Scalability issues would start becoming evident when more user traffic starts reaching your website. As the user load increases, the website would slow down affecting the SEO ranking and user experience. Choice of hosting like shared server or VPS would affect the scalability. We are aware that, it is very difficult to predict this at the time of launch. However, you should select a hosting plan and web hosting provider which can offer you more plans which you can opt for if user load increases.

What more in SEO Web hosting?

There are other things which one can look at which will help the SEO.
You may check if the storage available is in the form of Solid State Drive or SSD, this type of server would obviously perform better than the server which is using standard hard drive.
Look for any compression tools which are provided by the hosting provider like CSS/Java Script compression.


Lastly, you are choosing a service provider. Please go through the customer reviews and testimonials on the web to zero on good web hosting provider.

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