Importance of taking website backup

Importance of taking website backup

Be it anything, where ever you have put up a lot of your efforts, energy, and money, you ought to protect it from any kind of loss. When you develop your business website, you take a lot of effort to create content for it. You also have important files and images, your customer data and a lot of such extremely important data stored on your website. You just cannot afford to damage or lose this data and hence taking a website backup is very important.

“Taking regular website back up is like having insurance of your website, which will save you in the future against any kind of disaster.”

What is the website backup?

“Website backup is storing all your website data at a safe place, which you can use at any point of time or in case of an emergency or disaster.”

It is advisable to store your data on regular intervals and at multiple locations so that there are fewer chances of losing your updated data on the website.

Let’s get into the details of why it is impotent to have website backup and what could be the reasons you might get into the trouble and need website backup to restart your website.

  1. Website getting hacked
  2. Accidental loss
  3. Updates go wrong
  4. Machine crash
  5. Human error

Have a look at these points step by step:

1. Website getting hacked 

Now everybody is aware of online threats and hackers. Hackers are constantly trying to hack the websites to steal sensitive information and use it for wrongdoings. Let’s assume that hackers are constantly trying to hack your website and hence it’s important to safeguard your data from these hackers with regular website data backups.

Another important factor is most websites are developed on the WordPress platform. This CMS has an open-source system, means everybody can see the coding, which increases the threat of getting hacked even more. Since precaution is always better than cure, having website backup is good.

2. Backup to prevent Accidental loss

Due to some manual mistake, it is very much possible that your site may get broken or you may lose important data on your website. In such case, you can resolve the problem immediately if you have a website back up readily available with you. In case if you do not have the backup data with you this might cost you a bomb for such a small mistake.

3. Updates go wrong

While updating your important data, plug-ins or some core files it might happen that updates could go wrong. In such a case, there is fear of losing your core data, important files, theme, software or backend programming, etc. This could cause severe damage to your website and website could go offline for any amount of time. Again latest updated backup could save you in this situation.

4. Machine crash

Storing your website data on the computer is a good idea but don’t just rely on your computer. Machines can crash any time and you might lose all your important data. Sometimes hard drives of your computer might also crash and data becomes unreadable.

Hence do your website backup regularly and store it at multiple locations to be extra sure about your data.

5. Human error

Due to any random reason, this could happen that you fail to make the bill payment to your website hosting service provider. In such a situation, if your website goes offline it could cost you losing customers, losing business, losing money and eventually losing growth. Having proper website backup would save you in this situation.

Since you have realized the importance of having website backup at regular intervals. Let’s see how website backup can be done.

  • Usually, the website hosting service provider offers special service to keep your website backup.
  • You may find software to take your website back up and can buy this kind of software for website backup purpose.
  • You can zip all your data and can save it on your computer as well as the external hard drive for easy access at any point of time
  • With the help of the website back up the plug-in, you can keep one copy of your website backup on your own website

It is important to have a regular backup of your website content as soon as you make any development or changes on your website. Please do not forget to mention the updated date in the backup file, so that when you have many backup files, you can understand which is the current backup file and you can use it when needed. Please note that it is equally important to have your website backup stored at multiple locations so that you are 200% sure about your data.


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