Why should you care about website uptime?

Why should you care about website uptime?

Online business is dependent on technology like web server, internet, routers etc. Due to some technical issues it may happen that website becomes inaccessible. The time for which the website cannot be used by customers is called downtime. Though downtime cannot be completely avoided, it should be as minimum as possible. Even the giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google have faced downtime (also called as outage) in the past. This obviously affects reputation and business. Hence website uptime is equally crucial, be it’s a small business or a large multinational.

What is this uptime and downtime?

When we talk about uptime/downtime, one needs to understand the context. When a website is not accessible to the users, it is said to be down. But, for an eCommerce or a banking website, the situation would be different. Imagine the website is accessible, but users are not able to complete the transaction they have started. Such situation where transactions are aborted in the middle is more annoying for the users. And we cannot say the website is up completely.

When we define the uptime, we mean all the functionality of the website should be working correctly and is accessible to the end users.

Why uptime is important?

Why we are discussing so much about uptime? Here is some statistics about the eCommerce giants. Please see carefully how much is the loss they incur per minute if their website would be down or not accessible.
Revenue Loss per Minute [Reference: gremlin.com]

As you can see, revenue loss is a direct measure for cost of outage or downtime. Beyond this, there are other repercussions too.
You are running digital campaigns for search engine optimization (SEO) and paid marketing like Google Ads. If user clicks on the link of your website or Google ad, he/she would be taken to the landing page. If your website is down, search engine would rate it negatively.
When Google or any search engine’s crawler is crawling your website, your webpages may not be listed at all if it is down and indexation would hamper.
Once in a while if you website is not accessible, it is alright! But if this phenomenon occurs often, Google would think your website in unreliable and hence would not divert its searchers to your website.

What you can do about website uptime?

If you carefully look at factors which affect your reach and hence business are of two types: content related and technical. Many a times, as business owner we tend to focus more on content and marketing strategies. As a result, technical aspects are not paid due attention. Let me assure you, these technical aspects are easy to deal with and are all related to one key decision and that is about web hosting.

If you do not want to get into details of technical aspects, just choose the right hosting vendor. Connect with us. Magicworkshost can take care of all your crucial technical aspects namely webpage speed, website security and off-course the uptime guarantee.

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