Blogging – Four steps guide for beginners

Blogging – Four steps guide for beginners

Blogging is a great way of sharing your thoughts with the whole world. If you are expert in any specific subject, you can share your knowledge and while doing so you can even earn money for it. If you have decided to start a blog writing, whether to share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge or to promote your business, below four steps guide would help you do your job easily.

1. Select a blog platform

Now since you have decided to start your own blog, first and foremost step is choosing the right platform for your blog. Without spending time on discussing different platforms available in the market it is highly recommended to go for WordPress platform.

WordPress is the only platform which is massively used by bloggers on the internet. With no technical knowledge, you could easily install WordPress, get website hosting and start blogging. WordPress offers an immense variety of templates, design options and a large number of plug-ins and add-ons which could be used for your blog.

2. Choose the topic of your interest in blog writing

Let’s first understand that blogging is an art and science of sharing your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. Before starting to write your first blog post make sure which topic you want to write on. It’s recommended to start blogging on the topic in which you are interested and the topic you are passionate about. This will also keep you motivated to blog regularly.

Initially, start with mentioning why you want to start blogging and on which topics you would like to blog on. It might take a long time to post your first blog but with consistent efforts, you will start publishing your blogs in a couple of hours.

It’s vital to keep researching and updating your subject knowledge consistently since readers are always interested in knowing the current and future trends.

3. Engage the readers    

Now since you have started writing a blog, make sure you keep your reader engaged throughout the blog post. Please refer below guidelines for same:

  • Make your blog post is very simple and easy to understand
  • Give catchy headlines, explain it through bullet points
  • As and when required put templates, graphs, and tables
  • Give appropriate images and put explanatory videos to make it more attractive.

4. Promote your blog writing

Writing a great blog post is the first step but it’s equally important to reach this post to maximum and relevant readers. There are many ways you could try to reach out to readers.

  • Search engine optimization
    By understanding the search engine optimization techniques and writing your blog post accordingly would help your blog post appear on the first pages of search engine result pages.
  • Social media optimization
    You can promote your blog on various social media platforms like twitter, facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Ad word
    Initially spending some amount on advertisements through Google AdWords will give you great results.
  • Email Marketing
    This is another powerful method to promote your blog. Building your email list and promoting your latest content through email marketing will take you to more readers.

“So, let’s get going and start blogging. Remember to choose the right blogging platform. Publishing a regular blog post on your topic of interest. Make it simple and attractive by using infographics. Promote it with best practices and be a successful blogger. “

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