What is web hosting?

What is web hosting?

“Web hosting is providing the virtual space where your website resides”

Let’s elaborate this with an example. Let’s consider your house and the plot on which you have built your house. Now, in this case, your website is your online house and the plot is the server where your website is residing. This is a place where all the images, videos, content, pages, etc are stored on the server you choose and from where the visitors access your website.

For any business website it is vital to have a strong foundation, hence having a strong web host is very important for the website owner. Broadly we can categories web hosting in three types.

Types of web hosting

  • Shared web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • VPS web hosting

Shared web hosting

In this type, your website will get a space on the server which would be shared by other hundreds of websites. This type of hosting costs you less and is good for small business websites.

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“Shared space on the server: low cost & ideal for small scale websites”

The limitation of shared hosting is that since your website is sharing space on the server with other websites, the bandwidth you get is also gets shared. As a result, if at some point in time there is huge traffic on any of the websites receding on the same server, you will have to face a slowdown. In such a case it’s advisable to purchase additional ram, CPU or I/O.

Dedicated web hosting

When you take up a dedicated hosting, you are the only resident of that specific server and you own the whole bandwidth of that server. It menaces better performance and there are no issues like slowdown of the website.

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Dedicated hosting will cost you more but if you are a business website with a lot of pages and content and who requires constant interaction with customers should go for dedicated servers.

VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is the combination of a shared and dedicated server.VPS hosting gives you an advantage of having more bandwidth and flexibility than shared server but with moderate cost, unlike dedicated server hosting.

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Now, let’s come to the key points need to consider while choosing hosting. Since it’s the space where you build the foundation of your business website, it’s worth to take note of all the below points mentioned.

  1. Security
  2. Support
  3. Add-ons and upgrade facility

Let’s look at the importance of these points in choosing your web host service provider

1. Security

Considering the increasing number of cyber threats, the first and foremost feature of the best web hosting service provider is providing cutting-edge security to the website.

The web hosting service provider should protect your website from hackers, should do regular network monitoring.

2. Support

The quality support system of the web host service provider is the most important factor. Since your website might be accessed from any part of the world at any time, the technical team should be available round the clock to resolve in the occurrence of a problem.

3. Add-ons and upgrade facility

It’s important for a hosting provider to provide all the necessary upgrades required by the website in the future. In a few cases, if required for the website, the transfer of web hosting to another web hosting service provider should be easy.

“Choosing the right web hosting service provider is extremely important since taking the right decision at this stage before creating your website will save from a lot of unnecessary problems in the future.”



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