Cannot ignore webpage loading time!

Cannot ignore webpage loading time!

When a businessman or entrepreneur decides to go online, he looks for a person who can develop a nice website for his business. The website has two key aspects: functionality and look and feel. Your role as developer starts from understanding the requirements. You build the functionality by using various technologies like HTML, CSS, bootstrap, Java script, server side scripts like PHP. Many times you use frameworks to quickly customize and make the site live. In this all efforts, many a times, one crucial parameter gets ignored and that is speed or webpage loading time.

How page loads?

When user types the URL in the browser like a DNS query is fired by a browser to get the IP address. Now your webserver is contacted using the IP address. Browser starts loading the DOM or Document Object Model. We know that there are multiple files which are needed to load one webpage.
DOM starts loading HTML, CSS, Java script, images etc. This does not download in one shot, it takes multiple request to the server. Cumulative effect of this is seen when the page loads slowly. Many times the page appears to be loaded but you cannot interact with it. All this contributes to a bad user experience.

If the page does not load fast, whatever great aesthetics and functionality could be, user would just not wait. Users want very fast response. The moment the user sees that page is taking more time to load, he/she would move on. There are hardly any chance that they may return to your website again in future. All your efforts go down the drain, just due to one issue of webpage loading time.

All this does not end here. Google doesnot want to send the prospective users to your site if your pages do not load under 3 seconds on mobile. If your pages are slow loading, crawlers would not be able to cover enough pages and this would hit your indexation in a negative way. Even the paid marketing like Google Ads, web page speed/loading time is one of the crucial parameter in calculating the quality score for the ad.
So, speed is playing a crucial role for everyone. And as a developer you need to make sure that you create hindrances as less as possible and try to improve speed.

Who blocks speed and increase webpage loading time?

webpage loading time

  • Large images and videos
    If you stuff large images and videos on you webpage, it will take time to load.
  • Slow hosting
    Server response time is a very crucial aspect while selecting web hosting. Please choose good servers.
  • Third party components
    Presence of any third party component like Plug-ins and widgets would slow down the page loading.
  • Number of redirects on the website
    With redirect the user has to wait for one more request- response cycle.
  • Java script which is render-blocking
    Do not have a script which must be completely run before loading a page.

Speed is everything

When you are developing a website for your own or for anybody else, keeping the web page light would be most advisable. There are many things one can avoid like speed blocks listed above. Beyond this, there are few things one can do additionally to boost up the speed. We will cover them in the next blog post.

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