Moments of Truth (MOT) for Digital Marketer

Moments of Truth (MOT) for Digital Marketer

In today’s buyer-driven market, it is not surprising that businesses are focusing on customer experience. They are analyzing the customer’s buying journey to find opportunities for improving the engagements and influence them. It is important for a digital marketer to understand it.

Moments of Truth (MOT) are critical points in customer buying journey at which the business can influence him/her. This concept was first introduced by Jan Carlzon. Then, CEO of Procter & Gamble A.G. Lafley, defined first and second MOT. Today, this concept has got large acceptance in sales, marketing, and customer service.

What are Moments of Truth?

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First Moment of Truth or FMOT is the moment of first time interaction of the customer with your product/brand. They are just few seconds. When customer is reading the product description written on package or hearing a sales pitch from a customer representative. Your first chance to impress the customer.

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Second moment of truth represents the actual experience of the product or service. For example, SMOT happens when customer sees the demonstration of a washing machine.

Ultimate Moment of Truth or UMOT is a final decider. At this moment customer gives feedback about the product. This is ultimate moment of truth as the feedback is about the collective experience.

Here he/she will encounter various things like review comments, review ratings, videos, information blogs and so on. It is important for seller to grab attention of the customer at this point to make the purchase happen.
Interestingly, the work of digital marketer starts even before the first MOT.
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Digital marketer and Zero Moment of Truth

In 2011, Google added one more moment of truth before the FMOT, called ZMOT or zero moment of truth. This was needed as people were using internet to search for product or service before actually buying one. Zero moment of truth or ZMOT, is the point when customer starts searching for the product/service he is interested in buying.
Here customer will try to look at product ads, review comments, your ratings, testimonials, product videos, information blogs etc. Grabbing attention of the customer at this point is crucial to make the purchase happen. Who can understand importance of ZMOT more than a digital marketer?

Less than Zero Moment of Truth

Now there is one more, even before ZMOT. That is ‘Less than Zero Moment of Truth’. This was is defined by a company Eventricity. It says that there exists a window of opportunity even before ZMOT.

Customer starts searching for something only when the need arises. This need can arise due to occurrence of some event. And hence, this ‘Less than Zero Moment of Truth’ happens before even before the customer starts searching. If proactively you can track customers with their potential need, you will be able to engage with them at very early stage.

Why Digital marketer should care?

Digital marketer creates digital marketing strategies. He/she should be aware of these terminologies and their implications. With these insights you will be able to create winning strategies.

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