Want to know different types of SSL Certificates for webhosting?

Want to know different types of SSL Certificates for webhosting?

We know that one of the prime concern for online business security. Allowing any loop holes in the website security would mean invitation to hackers. Any security breach would not only tarnish the brand image, reputation but may lead to losses in business. Having website on https with SSL certificate is the first step. However, there are various types of SSL certificates created based on different requirements. Let see them in details.

When you install SSL, it is guaranteed that communication between web browser and your web server is encrypted. However, ensuring the authenticity of the business/company can go a long way in building customer trust. To address this, SSL certificates come with different validation levels as explained below.

SSL Certificate Types based on domains and subdomains

SSL Certificate for a Domain

This is the simplest SSL certificate with which one starts his/her website. This certificate secures all the web pages hosted in a single domain. Say www.magicworkshost.com. All the web pages which starts with this prefix in URL would be protected by this SSL certificate.
This SSL certificate cannot be for subdomains.

Wildcard SSL Certificate (Domain and subdomains)

Wildcard SSL certificate is designed to cover the domain and all its subdomains. Imagine that magicworkshost website has two subdomains one for blogs and second for consulting. The website URLs would be like blogs.magicworkshost.com and consulting.magicworkshost.com. To protect all these three, a wildcard SSL certificate is needed. It is like we are using a wildcard *.magicworkshost.com being protected by this SSL Certificate.

Multi-domain SSL Certificate

A multi-domain SSL certificate covers multiple different domains in one certificate. This is done to save time and money. Example of a websites where multi-domain SSL certificate can be used is

SSL Certificate Types based on Validation levels

types of SSL Certificates

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate is the one with lowest assurance. Typically it is used for informative websites and blogs. Here the domain ownership is validated on email or phone. This the least expensive SSL certificate.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate validates business credibility in addition to encrypting of user information during the transactions. It displays information of the website’s owner in the address bar. This gives the customers more confidence about the authenticity of business which they are dealing with.

Website owner needs to complete a detailed validation process to get an OV SSL certificate. This costs more than domain validation certificate.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate is the most expensive. Certifying Authority (CA) conducts an additional verification process to confirm that website owners are authorized legally and they have exclusive rights to the domain. This certificate displays the green padlock, https, business name and the country. This helps prove the authenticity of the website and its business. These certificates represent highest level of authenticity. Even yearly audits are done to check the integrity.

These are used for high profile websites which need assurance of identity for collecting data or doing payments online.

Avail all types of SSL certificates with Magicworkshost

types of SSL Certificates
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