Market your business with professional email address

Market your business with professional email address

Big or small, a company always wants to create its own brand. There are many visible aspects of brand like name, logo, character, domain name, and website and so on. And a professional email address resonating with the brand is one more important addition in the list.

The very aim of branding effort is to establish identity of your business in the market place. Brand conveys how you are unique and different from others. In Today’s digital world, all the digital artifacts which represent a brand are very crucial. And a professional email address is no exception.

Professional Email address carries your brand

We know that there are free email accounts available like Gmail, Yahoo mail and others. However, when your email address is like or , it does not look professional. If you are spending to establish the business, what signal you are sending to your customers when you use free email addresses. Hence it is very important to have an email address which would represent your company/business strongly.

When you buy a web hosting space, you get an email address with it. As you are going to select a domain name resonating with your business, so would be the email address. The only thing you need to make sure is that you configure it properly and start using it.

Email address carries your brand. Please make sure that your professional email address appears in each and every communication which goes to the customer. This includes business cards, website, email signatures and all the marketing material like brochures etc.

This is important as people would remember you with your email address sitting in their inbox or your email address they see on the brochure.

Professional email address is more flexible

With free email accounts, there is always a problem of getting the exact email address. Many a times a particular email address is already in use on free services. You have to compromise and settle down for another similar sounding but weird email address suggestion like sales123, admin2019 etc. These addresses not only look clumsy but are hard to remember. On the contrary, when you go for a professional email service, you have flexibility to give the exact email address the way you want.

Typical nomenclature followed for email addresses is like or . There is one more trick one can do. You can even create an email address which is role based like Now, this address goes to many of your customers. The advantage of such email address is that the customers would use the same email address even if the person handling this email account changes.

One more advantage of professional email service is that you can control its access easily. When your employees leave the company, you can block the access. As a result, they will not be able to use the address and access the emails. If employee leaves, his account can be forwarded to someone else who can handle it further. This helps you keep the business information inside the organization only.

Create a good First impression

Create a good first impression when your potential customer sees your email. If the customer sees the same brand name on website, marketing brochure, your email, this helps build trust. And this also helps for the brand recall. Want to get a professional email address with superfast webhosting, contact MagicworksHost.

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