When to choose shared web hosting service?

When to choose shared web hosting service?

Choosing a good, robust web hosting provider is always a question for newcomers in online business. Even veterans, need to think about many aspects when they want to shift or upgrade their web hosting. From the many confusing types like dedicated, virtual private server (VPS), shared hosting etc., let us start focusing on understanding the simplest of all, shared web hosting service.

What is web hosting?

When a business goes online, it creates a website and wants to make it available to the world. For this, these website pages are put on a server and made accessible on internet. This process of putting webpages on server is called web hosting. There are companies which provide web hosting services. They provide you resources like processor, disk space on the server and help you publish your website to the customers in the entire world.

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What is shared web hosting?

As the name suggests, there is one server and it is shared among many websites. These servers are production grade servers. They have bigger memory, processor speeds etc. They can host many websites which do not have very high traffic of users. In shared hosting environment, your website shares many resources like processor time, memory, disk space with others hosted on the same server.

For building your first website, shared hosting a very good option. Here, though you are sharing resources with other websites, it does not impact you much. Because you are starting now and obviously the traffic expected on your website is not much. Secondly, web hosting provider will take care of critical tasks like management of the server and ensuring its security when you opt for shared hosting plan.
Shared web hosting is the most popular plan for new comers as it is simple and cost effective too.


  • This the cheapest web hosting option.
  • Shared hosting is very simple to operate with.
  • It is most suitable for a new entrant. It is easy to get started quickly with shared hosting option.
  • Hosting provider would take care of important tasks like server management, upgrades, maintenance and ensuring Security for you. You need not bother about it.


  • Your website and web pages may load slowly. When many websites are running on the same server, there are high chances that performance i.e. page loading speed may be affected.
  • As there are restrictions on use of storage and network bandwidth, your website may not be able to scale when user load increases.
  • Since the server is shared, any website with increased traffic or technical issue may affect all the other websites hosted on the same server. There is very less isolation from problems of other websites.
  • Any breach of security or discovery of security hole in one website, may impact all the websites. Security of all of them would be compromised.

When should you go for shared web hosting service?

When you are creating your first website, shared hosting service is pretty good option. With shared hosting, your website will be able to handle approximately 20000 to 25000 visitors in a month. There will not be deterioration in the performance.
When you see the traffic is increasing and website pages are loading slowly, you may think of moving to a higher capacity hosting plans.

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